Will a strobe light or high pitched sound deterrent machine work on Charlotte rodents?

Again it very much depends on the individual Charlotte rodent, turn a strobe light on to one rodent and it could die of shock, turn the same light on to the one standing next to it and it may be completely ignored. It also very much depend on the light and how bright it is and what shows up in the light. Most strobe light setups especially in people's backyards are usually motion activated and they will light up the whole of the backyard but if the homeowner is trying to be a good neighbor they probably won't do much on the edges.

High-pitched or ultrasonic sound deterrent devices, of which there are many many different types on the market have all been labeled by the FTC as scams, they could not find a single one that they could prove did what the manufacturer said it did, in fact in either 99% of tests performed using these devices on animals, both wild and domesticated, the machines activation had no discernible effect and got absolutely no reaction from the animals. If you go out looking for rodent repellents you will be besieged by a salespeople trying to sell you the latest and greatest ultrasonic animal repellent but the machine may look very sexy to you but it won't to the rodents.

Strobe lights set up with motion activation will generally put most North Carolina animals that are pretty much nocturnal off, they don't like being in the light and will avoid it if they can, which in the case of your light set up they sure can, they just keep out of your backyard and they don't get lit up. If your problem is rats and mice which are the most common household pests as these two particular creatures are being living with humans for as long as humans have been around probably, they are well adapted and well-versed in how to coexist with humans that are always trying to kill them and surviving the whole thing.

Of all the Charlotte creatures that you could try and deter with either strobe lights or high-pitched sound deterrent machines rats and mice are the least likely to be affected. Mice will not bat an eyelid when you shine a bright light on them but would just sit there waiting for you to make a move so they can then attempt their escape and as the high-pitched sound machines is highly doubtful these would have any effect on mice in particular as these animals actually communicate using high-pitched squeaks so they're not going to be frightened by a high-pitched sound machine. If you have mice or rat problems every professional says exactly the same thing, by a few snap traps, set them with an appropriate bait, and empty them every day until you stop catching whatever it is you're catching.

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