What are some humane ways to kill a Charlotte house mouse?

We are all aware of the angry and aggravation of a house mouse infestation in the home. The destructive nature of mice has made them an enemy to humanity and most homeowners want nothing but to get rid of mice in their house. But, even with the problems and aggravations caused by mice, most homeowners still want to kill them humanely. They still want to make sure that the disturbing mice do not suffer pains and stress prior to the death. This is just where you are going to get some humane ways to kill house mouse.

Make Us of a Snap Trap to Kill House Mouse Humanely
To reduce population of house mice in your home, you should think of the best way to kill them. While it is true there is no humane way of killing house mouse, there are less severe ways. There are ways you can kill the disturbing animals without making them suffer before death. One of the ways is using snap or spring trap. This kind of trap is made to snap and kill mouse coming to take bait used in the trap.

Use Mouse Terrier or Cat as Deterrent
Your mice infestation can be handled when you make use of other animals as deterrent to the mice. You can use mouse terrier or your cat to get this job done perfectly.

Mouse-Proof Affected Area of Your House
Killing mouse can be easier when you prevent them from coming into your property and gaining access to the foods around. This you can always do using mouse-proof on the areas affected by mouse. While this method does not mention kill, it can help you solve your mouse problem humanely.

Live Trap Mouse and Smack with Heavy Object
Killing house mouse humanely can be done through the use of live trap. These are the kind of traps that will enable you catch the mouse live and decide on how to kill it. You can put the mouse in a bag and smack it with object that is heavy like book or shoe. Just ensure the smacking is done in such a way that the mouse does not struggle to die.

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