Top Tips To Keep Charlotte Geese Away From Yard Or Pond

Most of the people in the United States are in trouble due to Charlotte geese; these large birds keep on invading human habitats in search of food and shelter. The terrible fact is that these creatures have the ability to transform your entire premises into a mess. They are more attracted towards riverbanks, recreational fountains, fishponds or other watery areas. But there is no point in allowing them to enter your pond or yard. Homeowners need to know whether it is possible to keep them away from yard or pond by using some home-based remedies or not. Well! It is always good to use some preventive measures as they can protect your habitat for the long run. The idea is to create unfavorable conditions for them so that they naturally move out of your property without causing any harm.

Being aquatic creatures; Charlotte geese prefer to eat some tiny species that live underwater. They can attack your ponds to find some insects, snails, and tadpoles, etc. If we talk about the agricultural fields, they look for grains including corns, millets, ryes, oats, barley, and wheat. In case if you have lots of wild food houseplants, cattail, horsetail, cloverleaf, and grass in your yard area, Charlotte goose will definitely come to invade this area. In order to keep these creatures away, prefer to plant vegetations that are hated by geese. In case if you are not able to prevent their access to your pond, it is good to put some decoy swans in the water to scare these creatures. One can also put some balloons or the flag poles in the exterior portion of the premises. Make sure your outdoors stays clean, and these large birds do not get access to some food sources. Prefer to clean the leftovers and pet food on time otherwise, these birds will come in large groups to invade the area.

Below we have highlighted few expert tips to keep North Carolina geese away from your property:
• Prefer to grow plants that are larger than the normal height; they are more important in the geese migratory season.
• Shrubs and plants can be used to create a natural barrier in the premises.
• Prefer to avoid surrounding your pond with plants that are loved by geese instead use plants that are hated by these large birds.
• If you have pets at home; train them to fight against Charlotte geese.
• Geese do not like loud sound or noise, so in order to scare them, you can use speakers. Install them outside in your yard area and put them on full sound to generate annoying noise to scare geese away.
• Some homeowners also prefer to use chemical sprays to keep Charlotte geese away from their property.
• One can think of installing net traps and fences in the premises that can save your property from a frequent attack of these large North Carolina birds.
• Make efforts to maintain cleanliness in your premises; all the leftovers and pet food products must be cleaned from time to time.

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